Iran Insulator Company was established in 1983 in a 20-hectar area in Kaveh Industrial Town. It utilizes European technology and machinery in its production line. The net annual production of Iran Insulator Company is 10000 tons of ceramic insulators. It is worth mentioning that this company manufactures and supplies its products according to IEC Standard. Receiving ISO-2008:9001 and ISO-2004:14001 indicates that Iran Insulator Company has gradually improved its products quality as well as its products design along with its management system.

The quality of the insulators manufactured by Iran Insulator Company has been authenticated by the type tests performed on the power insulators manufactured by this company at distinguished international laboratories such as Italian CESI, Polish IEN, and Dutch KEMA. Iran Insulator Company is equipped with chemistry, physics, and ceramic research laboratories; moreover, it is equipped with high-voltage laboratories where routine, sample and type tests are performed by experienced professionals. The latter laboratory is recognized as the accredited laboratory of Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, and Tavanir Company.

It is worth mentioning that Iran Insulator Company is able to manufacture the insulators used in the power transmission lines; i.e., different types of disc insulators, in the power distribution lines; i.e., different types of pin insulators, and spool insulators, and in the power posts; i.e., different types of post insulators, and transformer bushing insulators.

A group of experienced engineers design various types of power insulators by using Auto Cad, Catia, Solid Work, and Ansis soft-wares at Iran Insulator Company.

Iran Insulator Company is the sole manufacturer of ceramic disc insulators and post insulators in Iran. Furthermore, it has been honored to have successful business relationships with the overseas. That is to say that it has exported its products to the oriental and middle-eastern countries.



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